The Crayon Programming Language

Crayon is a programming language. It can be quickly described as one of the following:

Crayon is a typical curly brace language that only uses common standard/predictaable concepts from other languages. However, most notably, no matter which platform you export your project to, you have a high guarantee that your program will behave exactly the same as in other platforms.

The current platforms that are currently supported are:

2D Games

Client-side UI App

Server-Side Scripting

But most importantly, you can say you "write things in Crayon".

How Does it Work?

Your code is compiled into a byte code, like many languages. However, instead of emitting a compiled binary and requiring users to have or install a virtual machine (such as C#, Java, or Python), the bytecode output is bundled with the source code of a virtual machine in any language/framework of your choosing from the supported list. This maximizes the number of platforms that Crayon is supported on, and even allows it to run on platforms that are generally considered closed to a specific language.


The language itself should seem familiar to anyone experienced in any curly brace language.

function main() {
    // Show a friendly greeting...
    print("Hello, World!");
    // Demo a loop...
    print("Let's count to 10...");
    for (i = 1; i <= 10; i++) {
        print(i + " Mississippi");

    // Say bye

If you're ready to make the plunge, you should jump into the tutorial!