Open Source Cross-Platform Game Programming

The Crayon Programming Language

Crayon is a programming language. It was designed to have a low learning curve by only leveraging concepts common to most common modern programming languages so that it would be ideal for beginners. The current set of available libraries mostly support creating 2D games, but this limitation is not inherent to the language itself, but rather the current area of focus.

More technically, Crayon is a dynamically typed curly braced language. It can be quickly described as one of the following:

  • Like Java/C#, except dynamically typed
  • Like Python if it were instead a curly brace language
  • JavaScript that is more strict and less error prone

Programs written in Crayon can be executed by the Crayon VM. However, the VM can be exported to several different platforms. This allows it to run as a standalone program on a variety of platforms (such as the web, iOS, Windows, OSX) without placing the burden on the end-user to install dependencies or figure out how to run it.

But most importantly, you can say you "write things in Crayon".

Crayon is free and open source (under the MIT license).

More information can be found in the FAQ.


The language itself should seem familiar to anyone experienced in any curly brace language.

function main() {
    // Show a friendly greeting...
    print("Hello, World!");
    // Demo a loop...
    print("Let's count to 10...");
    for (i = 1; i <= 10; i++) {
        print(i + " Mississippi");

    // Say bye

Go ahead and try the tutorial!