Open Source Cross-Platform Game Programming

Official Demos in the Crayon Repository

The codebases for these games are in the Crayon repository and showcase how various things can be done with the language. The code is designed to be mostly readable.
Arcade classic. This utilizes the Matrix library to create spinning 3D wire meshes of polyhedra.
Illustration of Conway's Game of Life. The mouse will generate a small amount of chaos below the cursor.
A simple game where moving fireballs gets added to the screen. The player will walk to wherever you click. Stay alive as long as possible.
A simple flappy bird clone.

Other open source games written in Crayon

These are other various open source games written in Crayon. The codebases are not necessarily well documented. However, if you'd like to list your own game in this list, please reach out on the mailing list.

(Links are external)

You play as a large open vat of sewage. Try to stop the water treatment facility worker from throwing chlorine into the vat.
Isometric puzzle game. Originally written in Python/PyGame, ported to Crayon.
NES-style platformer. Originally written in Python/PyGame, ported to Crayon.
A peculiar 3D driving game. This was a humorous attempt at creating a 3D game by using the Graphics2D triangle draw commands + a lot of math.